Johannesburg South, Alberton, Rosettenville and Surrounding Areas. Find all the information for Johannesburg South online and at your fingertips.

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Johannesburg South is, on our site a large area south of Johannesburg Centre, covering multple suburbs from the border of Soweto through to the town of Alberton and everything in between.

The southern suburbs of Johannesburg are somewhat cut off from the rest of the city. They comprise of either industrial areas or wholly residential areas.

Alberton which is not part of Johannesburg, but really a seperate town on the outskirts of Joburg is part of Johannesburg South on our site as a matter of practical convenience.

Here in our Johannesburg South section of Johannesburg Unlimited you can find all the businesses and services situated to the south of the city and in the town of Alberton.

The Johannesburg South is a new part of our site and we will be adding content to it. In the meantime you can find the following businesses and services below.

Business & Services

Here you can find all the information and links to the businesses and services in the
Johannesburg South and Alberton.

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We will be adding many more sections to our Johannesburg South Mini Site on Johannesburg Unlimited